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Ceramic cylindrical element (RSB)

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Mostly designed to be inserted into metal sheathes or pockets, CERAMIC CYLINDRICAL ELEMENTS are made of a resistance wire mounted onto a steatite barrel or bracket² Heating is done via air convection and (or) radiation and wire temperature can reach 800C (1472F) and even 1000C (1832F) in very specific conditions²

Watt density should not exceed 6w/cm² (38W/in²) and sometimes should even be lower depending on the application² For use in an air flow, a temperature limiter and (or) a delay device should be installed to avoid over-heating when air flow stops²

Beware : This type of heating element must be protected against shocks and against any material contamination (rust, oil, etc…).

Available diameters : 8,6 – 10 – 12 – 15 – 18,5 – 23 – 32 - 38 – 47 – 58

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Wattage : In Watts
Voltage : In Volts
: RSB diameter
LST : Length up to head in mm
LC : Heating length in mm
T : Head diameter
NC F : Non-heating length at bottom end
NC T : Non-heating length at connecting end
BF M : M3 or M4 threaded terminals
Operating temperature