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Self-regulated cartridge heaters

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The working principle of a self-regulated cartridge heater is to adjust its power according to its temperature. It means that its power will steadily decrease after reaching a given temperature. It is usually used for preventing something from freezing, for defrosting or for the evaporation of condensate. It is usually low-powered and its inertia is high compared with traditional cartridge heaters.

Available model  :
Self-regulated cartridge heater, stainless steel, 12mm, Length:165mm, 95W, 230V, Lead cable length 2000mm, watertight


LC : Heating area
SL : Lead cable length

Options :
-  Earth wire
-  Fibre glass sheath
-  3/8’’ brass fitting

How it works :
Power at 20°C (68°F) is about 95W with 230V supply
In the open air, it stabilizes at about 140°C (284°F) while consuming approximately 35W.

Other specifications:
We can design with you other models according to your requirements.
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