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High density cartridge heaters

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The high watt density cartridge heaters (CCHC) have been studied for applications using watt densities between 0 and 50 W/CM² and temperature until 800 ° C.

The heating element is included in high compressed magnesia and protected with stainless steel sheath.

They can be equipped with a thermocouple.  

Cartouches chauffantes haute charge.

Our full range is UL recognized
by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.®
for the USA and Canada

Dossier nº E218152

Applications examples : Heating for press tool, thermo-sealing in food Industry, heat printing, heating of engine, heating of braking system …


Description :
1 - Thick bottom, welded with plasma - Perfect waterproof. 2 - Central tube in high quality magnesia powder. It supports the resistive wire during compact operation. 3 - Very efficient insulation in high pure magnesia with a special and selected granule size. 4 - Very hard ceramic head.
Open high watt density cartridge heater
5 - Stainless steel tube 1.4301. 6 - Nickel-Chrome resistive wire winded with precision. 7 - Pure nickel spindle with high section receiving the resistive wire. 8 & 9 - Connections protected with a ceramic head. Electric cable "multi wire" in flexible nickel fiber glass isolated.





Soudure plasma

Plasma welding





Marquage laser

Laser printing