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Options and accessories

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We offer you a range of about twenty options and about ten accessories you will find on this page.

Important :
An option and an accessory can be set up on the same cartridge.

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Options on standard cartridges Accessories on standard and special cartridges
2-wires lead connection Option 0 Threaded fitting simple internal Accessory 11
Ceramic beads Option 1 Threaded fitting simple external  Accessory 12
Straight GMF Option 2 Mounting flange Accessory 13
Straight braid leads Option 3 Abutment Accessory 14
Straight watertight multiwires leads Option 4 Anchor clip Accessory 19
Bended Option 5 End lead termination Accessory 20
Bended GMF Option 6
Plug Accessory 26
Leads exit 90° Option 7 Spring Accessory 27
GMF 90° Option 8 Threaded fitting Accessory 31
Braid leads 90° Option 9 Reinforcement cap Accessory 32
Wateright 90° multicore leads Option 10  
Right angle with silicone tube Option 22  
Reinforcement connection Option 25  
Right angle with stainless steel tube Option 28  
Outside lead connection without head Option 29  
Options on special cartridges  
Silicone seal Option 15  
Lead at 90° from the sheath Option 21  
Angled sheet extension Option 23  
Inside lead connection without head Option 30