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Bolt heaters

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IVALDI bolt heaters have been specially designed to help tightening bolts on heavy machinery. Bolt heaters are heating elements that are inserted into a hole going through the bolt and which temperature will rise rapidly. The bolt then expands and allows further tightening of the nut. The heater is then unplugged and taken out to allow the bolt to shrink when cooling down which results in a good tightening of the bolt.

Tailor made according to the diameter, length, wattage and voltage you require, they can be fitted with a connecting enclosure that follows a non-heating zone together with a handle to operate it. As an option, the heating element can be fitted with a depth stop and supply cables can be fitted with a socket.

Power  : In Watts
Voltage : In Volts
Ø of heating element Diameter : from 6.35 to 32mm
LT : Length of bolt heater
LSB : Length up to depth stop
LC : Heating length
NC : Non-heating zone at connection end and at bottom end
SL : Cable length

In order to facilitate insertion and removal of the bolt heater we advise you to leave a minimum clearance of 0.3 to 0.5mm. Power has to correspond with a 6 to 15W/cm² (38 to 100 W/sq inch).