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Self-tuning temperature controller

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This digital double display model is particularly well suited for the majority of applications. The Self-tuning, Auto-tuning function makes it very convenient to use. It also offers many possibilities of manual settings.

Main features:

  • Universal input configurable from faceplate
  • Accuracy better than 0.2% f.s. under nominal conditions
  • Control output: relay, logic, Triac ,continuous, digital insulated
  • Hot/cold function with selection of cooling fluid
  • Alarm with completely configurable function
  • Analog retransmission output
  • Isolated digital input with configurable function
  • Auxiliary input for CT (TA) (50mAac)
  • Heater break or probe short-circuit alarm
  • Self-tuning, Auto-tuning, Soft-start, bumpless Man/Auto function
  • Double set, set ramp, timed output function

Main applications :

  • Packaging industry
  • Food and plastic processing industries
  • Chemical and surface treatment industries
  • Research and Development
  • Ovens

TECHNICAL DATA of the available controller G48CSP2E :

  • Microprocessor controller, format 48x48 (1/16 DIN) manufactured using SMT.

  • CONTROL : On/Off, P, PD, PID for heating and cooling, with parameters settable from keys. Cooling setpoint relative to heating setpoint.

  • Modes Self-tuning, Auto-tuning, Soft-start, bumpless Man/Auto function.
    Double set, set ramp, timed output function

  • INPUTS :
    Thermocouples (K, J, N, E, R, S, T, N ou PL II),
    RTD : PT 100 2/3 wires.
    DC - Linear : 4 - 20 mA, 0-10 V.

  • Accuracy : 0,2% f.s. 1digit.
    Sampling time 120msec.

  • two green LED displays each with 4 digits.
    Red signal LED's for logic or relay outputs and programmable LED's to signal the various operational states of the instrument.

  • OUTPUTS : - 1 logic output 24Vdc 10% (10V min at 20mA)
    - 1 output relay set with contacts: 5A at 250Vac/30Vdc, cos.=1

  • TRANSMITTER POWER SUPPLY : 24V 10% non-stabilized,
    30mA 15V for transmitter,
    30mA Short-circuit protection

  • ALARMS SETTABLE : absolute, deviation, symmetrical deviation to setpoint with direct or reverse function. Alarm point can be set anywhere on selected scale. Alarms can be masked with exclusion at power-on, with memory, with delayed trip.
    LBA alarm for setting control. Hysteresis settable for each alarm. Alarm assigned to current input with different operating modes.

  • POWER SUPPLY : 100 240 Vac 10%, 50 - 60 Hz.

  • FACEPLATE PROTECTION IP65 : Provides a complete operator interface protected by a Lexan membrane that ensures level IP65 faceplate protection.

  • AMBIENT CONDITION : Working temperature range: 0...50C. Storage temperature range: -20...70C. Humidity: 20...85%Ur non condensing

  • WEIGHT : 160 g

  • CE approval.

  • Options :
    - Number of output or input type : see bellow.
    - RS485 serial line, numeric input .... graphic controller, instrument programming, ... : on demand

Available controller  :

Designations Versions Order code
Controller 1 logic output, 1 relay output ---- in stock G48CSP2E
Controller 1 logic output, 2 relay output G48CSP2E-1
Controller 3 relay output G48CSP2E-2
Controller 2 relay output, 1 Continuous output 0/10V G48CSP2E-3
Controller 2 relay output, 1 analog output 4/20 mA G48CSP2E-4
Programmateur * 2 relay output G48CSP2E-5
Controller 1 logic output, 1 relay output, 1 input 4/20 mA G48CSP2E-6

Model G48CSP2E-1 G48CSP2E-6 : not in stock / * : depth : 129 mm