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PID Electronic temperature controller

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Application :

This controller has been designed for use in applications that require accuracy whether in hot or cold manufacturing processes. Being very compact, it can be used for fitting to ovens, drying ovens, special machinery for the chemical, food and plastic industries.


  • Front panel of G48CSP2B controller complies with water and dust tightness IP65 standard

  • Controller complies with international safety standards and European CE electromagnetic compatibility directives

  • Easy to use: display of temperature is clear

  • Self-tuning algorithms to make tuning easier for user during installation of controller

  • Universal input port : thermocouple, resistor sensor, regulated voltage and intensity of power supply.

  • Compatible with all standard thermocouples and resistor sensor tables.

  • 2 modes : automatic and manual.

  • Calibrated input : self-corrected

  • Access to functions is done through front panel of controller

  • Life warranty on calibration

  • 9Hz sampling frequency allows high stability of measured temperature and quick response to changes in the process.

  • Double LED display allowing simultaneous visualization of measured temperature and set point.

  • Programmable temperature rise ramp

  • Simplified wiring

  •  Pre-set controller


    Technical specification:

    Measurement input :

    • Calibration accuracy: 0,25% of reading
    • High frequency measuring : every 300msec, i.e. 3 measurements/sec

    Universal input :
    Thermocouples : J, K, R, B, N, T, S, L, C and Platinum II.
    1°C cold junction compensation for a 30°C difference in ambient temperature

    Resistor sensor : Pt 100W, 2 or 4 wires.
    Line compensation up to 22W per wire.
    Polarization current : 0,2 mA

    Process input : Intensity : 4-20mA signal
    Voltage : 0-10Vcc max.
    Input impedance : 70 kW for 0-10V.
    • Calibration can be corrected in 2 points that can be selected.

    Thermocouples loose their accuracy over time which causes the measured temperature to be less accurate. The G48CSP2B controller can compensate this difference at low or high temperature.

    Control modes:

    • Standard PID configuration:
      - Self-tuning of P, I and D features.
      - Calculation of control parameter damping.
    • Hot, cold or hot/cold control.
    • Possibility of On/off or algorithm control. Realignment of cold control depending on actuator (fan, water circuit, oil…).
    • Programmable temperature rise ramp.

    Control outputs:
    3 heating control outputs :

    • 1 logic output: 18Vcc, 20mA non-insulated static relay control.
    • 2 relay outputs : electromagnetic contactor control, 2A at 264Vac on resistive load. 20 second pre-set modulation time when controller is delivered to extend contactors lifespan. Minimum time is 4 second.

    Alarm levels:
    3 alarm levels :

    • upper limit, lower limit or symmetrical gap
    • limits for specific conditions
      Relay alarms with on/off contact elements, actuation way can be set.


    • Sleep mode screen with 4 high intensity 7 segment LEDs :
      - Set point display
      - Measured temperature display
    • IP65 tight front panel
    • Electronics can be taken out from front of controller
    • Switch mode power supply : 85 to 264VAC, 48 to 62 Hz.
    • Max. consumption : 10W.
    • Screw terminal blocks : 1,5 mm˛ wire
    • IP20 protected rear panel.
    • Two-side identification
    • Max. ambient operating temperature: 50°C.
    • Relative humidity : 5 to 90% without condensation.
    • Storage temperature : -10°C to +70°C, in a dust-free and humidity-free environment.
    • Weight : 200g.



    Front panel display :
    Double display : measured temperature and required temperature.
    4 push buttons : (See above drawing)

     - Page push button for going into the various parameter lists.
     - Scroll push button for viewing parameters.
     - Tuning push button for modifying parameters.
    OP1 indicator : power on main actuator (heating)
    OP2 indicator : power on opposite actuator (cooling)

    Configuration at reception of controller:
    When controller is being delivered it has been configured for the widest operating range:
    J type thermocouple

    • Pre-set controller :
      Pb : 20°C
      Ti : 360s
      Td : 60s
    • Upper alarm temperature on relays, 600°C. Positive safety contact elements close down when controller is switched on and open up if temperature exceeds required level.
      (Parameters can be modified for adjusting to process to be controlled)

    Additional information :

    In PID control mode, output depends on sum of 3 actions :
    proportional, integral and derivate .
    Those 3 actions deliver exact power required for maintaining temperature at set point level, without any oscillation. With the G48CSP2B controller, this is done automatically by using the « Atune » auto-tuning function. Parameters calculated will be recorded by controller until auto-tuning is used again.




    Proportional band


    Range in °C in which output power varies linearly between the minimum and the maximum.

    Integral time


    Necessary time for controller to suppress temperature offset.

    Derivate time


    Determine process reaction speed to a change in setpoint .



    Product code

    Double display PID controller