Immersion heaters
Standard models for water
Standard models for oil, fuel and pulsated air
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Standard or special flanges.
With offset covers for temperature > 100°C.
Over the side immersion heaters.
Bottom mount immersion heaters.

Bottom mount immersion heaters

  • Tank interior mounting.
  • Reduced dimension.
  • High power density installation.
  • Various types of scew plugs or flanges.
  • Over-the-side immersion heaters:

  • Reheating of open tanks with fluctuating fluid level.
  • Attached to the side of the tank quickly removale for cleaning.

    Circulation heaters:

  • Circulating fluids (water, oil, fuel, gas...).
  • Screw-type or flange-mounted immersion heaters used depending on power and pressure limits applicable.
  • Steel vessel, painted or bare, stainless steel option, with or without thermal insulation.
  • Hydraulically connectable to create high power units.